What is the Grupo Sancarlo?

Grupo Sancarlo is a global provider of financial, advisory, investment ,funds management, and services. Our aim is the revolution in the management of businesses, risks and investments, by supplying quick solutions and foreseeing the fast evolution of the financial markets.

Why Grupo Sancarlo?

Our commitment to these principles is essential for the continuous growth and prosperity and especially we would underline that the below aspects together with the above mentioned principles make Sancarlo a fantastic working reality :

The possibility to help our customer in achieving their aims by supplying tailored services in order to meet their special requirements as well as to overcome the constant evolution of the financial climate.

Hard work in order to assure an operative efficiency and excellence so as to supply our customer with a higher value and service;

The creation of a business culture that encourages and awards the innovation and the creativity, in particular when decisions are to be taken in business strategies and processes.

Our customers are our partners.
The mutual cooperation and support assure a good service as well as a positive outcome in the operations.

Sections and wrapper can be manage easily


Grupo Sancarlo aspires to be a leading provider and supplier of financial and consulting services over the long haul. Sancarlo culture is represented by the way in which we act and work together.
The values to which we aspire can be summarized in the below principles:

• Integrity
• Client commitment
• Strive for profitability
• Fulfilment for our people
• Teamwork
• Highest standards

Corporate Services

Grupo Sancarlo


The international strategic consulting. GSC is able to work in most of the Latin American countries and in the Middle East. 

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GSC purchases and realizes in private equity, real estate complex, hotels, apartment buildings, executive centres, offices, warehouses, factories.

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GSC through the owned companies is able to invest own resources or even using strategic private equity partners or investment funds. 

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GSC Shipping through skilled partners is able to plan and carry out transport of project cargo and general cargo to the ports of North Africa, Middle East and Latin America. 

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The lighting department develops lighting projects for commercial companies and factories. 

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GSC purchases in private equity company shareholding in the field of technology and development.

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We work with leading private and public sector institutions to manage the challenges and opportunities created by growing pressure on resource systems and increasing environmental risk.

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OF Finance Magazine offers the opportunity to read about several topics, like economics, science, music, religion, obviously finance and many others things in a different prospective.

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