our story, project and mission

Who is
Grupo Sancarlo?

We are a global provider of nancial, advisory, investment, funds management and services. Grupo Sancarlo’s main business focus is providing a diversi ed range of services to clients in most of the international market We acts on behalf of institutional, corporate and retail clients and counterparties around the world and provides a wide range of services in most of the international markets, thanks to the skills and expertise of its partners, trained in big and prestigious realities, which have expertise in speci c industries, including resources and commodities, nancial institutions, infrastructure, equity, real-estate, renewable energy, in- dustrial insurance, shipping, yacht, brokerage, import/export, sponsorship, etc.

Grupo Sancarlo’s management approach fosters an entrepreneurial culture among sta .Strong prudential management is fundamental to this approach. Robust risk management practices are embedded in business unit management with central over sight of credit, market, funding, compliance and operational risk. These, together with a strong and committed team, are key drivers of Grupo Sancarlo’s success.

Our aim is the revolution in the management of businesses, risks and investments, by sup- plying quick solutions and foreseeing the fast evolution of the nancial markets.

We apply our selves so as to create and to support the long term value for our customer all along loyal, providing high performances (earnings).